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Insurance Needs?

Once we have helped you find your perfect property, what kind of insurance will you need?

We get lots of questions about how to insure a home, car, boat or your health. Because each person's situation is different and because the insurance that is available to foreigners living in Baja is constantly improving, we recommend that you speak with an expert and get free quotes on policies that are going to meet your needs.
Fredy Braverman at International Insurance Services can help you find the right coverage at the right price.
Visit their website or call Fredy for more information and free quotes.
Be sure to tell them that Homes and Land of Baja sent you! 
CP Fredy Braverman
Office Phone  (624) 143-1212 Ext. 1101
Cell. (624)157-3016   FAX (624) 130-4083
Toll Free from U.S. & Canada 1 (866) 376-2289

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